Microbe is one of organism that unseen if we look it with our eyes. To see it, we need a tool -named microscope- that help us to magnifying it. All seen organism have an origin from a couple of little cell that named sperm and ovum (the name and shape is vary depend on the organism). The origin off all cell are little cell that combine into one cell and develop until reach mature form. The development of all organisms can be studied from microbe easily as a model.
In the past, human known that there is something unseen that can kill people in easy way in case of some illness (tuberculosis, chlorella, and anthrax). The past bad event open human eyes to know about what the unseen (we named it microbe) that made a lot of death. But today, we know that the microbe have a lot of important rule around of us such as maintaining soil fertility and do something big that other organism depend on it.
Nowadays, the biologist tries to study microbe as a simple cell to know about the function or the systematic biochemical pathway in ‘big’ cell in multicellular organism. In this case, microbe called by primitive organism that becoming a model to the other organism.
The microbe can fulfill everything that they need just with single cell, better than, ‘big’ organism that needs many organ to make it life. For example, to excrete waste materials that dangerous for their life, microbes just ‘throw’ that across the cell membrane (and the human need the kidney to do the same).
Microbe also plays the big rule in high level animal’s organs. The known sample that cow intestine is fulfilling by many cellulolytic microbe that help the cow to digest the ‘hard’ material of cellulose. In other hand, some microbe is proposed as organels in eukaryote cell – such as the chlorophyll and mitochondria.
Human thought in every decade when human growth spread the earth. In that time, the biggest controversial question is what the first life form is and how it develops? From the past data (fossil) show the same relationship that the microbe is gradually growth or combining to form more complex organism. The theory about the physical or metabolism change in organism from the beginning to more complex organism because of nature selection is named by theory of evolution. Some barrier of this theory came from some dogmatic religious that was not agreeing with it.
Various proposals have been made to answer the true of this theory. One of the fabulous proposals is come from Oparin. He suggested that the first living cell is formed by chemical evolution purely. The ‘primeval soup’ evolved to more complex molecule, then construct to very first living thing.
The first living thing, in billions of years, began to resemble the cells that bounded by membrane. The chemical reaction then developed to change the cell into advance form and made the cell do metabolism effectively. In this period the cell may well have resembled the known microbe today, or came together to unite and form a new structure.

rewrite from: unseen power: how microbe rule the world