IELTS. Today is the D-day, the day we faced a bumpy road with some booby traps appeared: listening trap, reading trap, and writing trap. Once we able to follow the road safety, the shining gate of temporary happiness appears before us. When my classmates having some fun in a local cinema, I went back to Bogor, a mesmerizing city – a home of Bogorian deers and Bogor Agricultural University.

What I want to write, exactly, is we have a weekly IELTS test which is the third examination since we arrived in Bandung to place us whenever we are in a good progress or beyond it. In one week in advance, we broke our legs, pulled ourselves out, crushed the Pyramids, and stormed our brains in order to strategically prepare our mind and body to face this bloody weekly test today.

Not that bloody, in fact, the last sentence is an example of using idioms (some of it are a made up ones) in our daily life – my daily blog, I suppose. Two day before the test, pak Bambang, mr. Tobat Soon, reminded us on how to write an essay in Task 2 of Writing Test which was I simplified his thought in following sentences.

  1. Read and understand the question
  2. Clear your mind, imagine something related to no 1, and create a vision what you want to write
  3. Make a hook plan and write it: a hook sentence(s) and something related to the hook and the question
  4. Link the hook with your main idea
  5. Support your main idea with explanatory paragraph(s)
  6. Give your best to end the text with a beautiful conclusion

The hook is sentence(s) that should be able to attract readers to read the text more. It can be some data, fact, experience, or, ya, something interesting that will make a artificial hypnosis to force the reader to follow your next sentences.

The next thing we do is to make a branching explanation originated from your main idea. It can be a comparison, suggestion, ideas, or whatever IELTS want.

As simple as that, but, not that simple in reality, in a real IELTS test which is you are limited by a clocking time. Tik tok tik tok, 20 minutes passed, 40 minutes passed, and, voila, times up! Planning the whole structured text be written later is suggested conducted in no more than 5 minutes, so that you can use the last 35 minutes to spill your thought into a beautiful essay. Obviously, when it come to Task 1 of Writing Test, all of my classmates agreed in one thing in particular, use ‘a glance of …’ that will surely, we hope, lift up our score.


How about the other traps, listening and reading traps? Nothing we can do, we should practice more and more. For Listening Test, may be, I suggest to myself, ear wax checking in the name of future better sound reception will help to skyrocketing our listening score.

(I wrote the whole text using my mobile without Grammarly -hope the mistakes can be forgiven – and surely hard enough to concentrate writing or choose to observe the amazing landscapes created by the Almighty)

In time, I heard an earthquake striking the Central Sulawesi region, may the Almighty safe the people.