A fresh week started with two IELTS Writing Classes is this week. The first Writing Class is about how to understand the question in Task 2, for instance, analyzing general nouns and verbs used in the questions and learning how the text could be produced from these kinds of questions. We were learned new alternative words used to replace ‘main’, that are, chief, paramount, major, primary, or dominant.

The word ‘paramount’, honestly-for me, is not a common word. In my mind, the word is randomly related to Paramore, American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. I used to read this word at the beginning of a film and defined by Wiki as an American film studio based in Hollywood, California, that has been a subsidiary of the American media conglomerate Viacom since 1994. On the other hand, the studio describes themselves as Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, a subsidiary of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), a global content company with premier television, film, and digital entertainment brands.

What is the exact definition for paramount? This Google definition provided to you.

more important than anything else; supreme.
“the interests of the child are of paramount importance”
synonyms: most important, of greatest/prime importance; More
having supreme power.
“a paramount chief”

The second Writing Class is a writing practice for Task 2 which is my weekly score for this part is remains uninterrupted. One thing I remember that is we can use the word of ‘this’, not ‘it’, to refer a situation or process. Here is the example:

Governments should provide more money to preserve historical sites. By doing this, our heritage would be saved for future generations.

‘This’ here refers to provide more money, not to the government. After the explanation of using ‘it’ and ‘this’, we did a writing practice: a real trial with a timer, the tutor timer.

Between two Writing Classes, there was a Reading Class we have learned matching heading, again and again, in order to familiarize with this type of question in the real IELTS test. One tip: read quickly but finish the sentences/paragraph to find the real heading.

The Reading Class is guided by a tutor who determines herself as not that beautiful-tall-rich-Nia, but a Nia who loves reading anything, from Musashi Eiji Yoshikawa, Game of Thrones novel series, even ‘bungkus gorengan.’  In the end, she dramatically explained that she was able to inherit her love of reading to her children. Indeed, it is a beautiful real story today.