I am going to tell you about my today IELTS Listening Class which never be told before. Located at a lab in the third floor of CADL, Center for Art Design and Language, ITB, we should complete tasks given written in Course Materials for IELTS DIKTI PROGRAM book at first. During the completion, we are discussing the tasks in a randomly created listening group. Then, we will hear pak Bambang told us the right answer continued with an individual listening session.
In the class, I catch one word that made me laugh. Pak Bambang said that a lot of ways to express similarity, including to emphasize or limit it. A group of words: a bit, quite, not, a little, and rather is used to limiting the similarity.

“Rather is same as rodo/rada, a word in the Javanese language. They have the same meaning!” He added. Definitely, I and other Javanese or who are getting used to hearing the Javanese language spontaneously laugh. But, not rolling on the floor, laughing, to be precise.

Back-to-back, we learned to avoid generalization in Writing Class. We should support our ide by giving reasons. We can use because or since to comply with. Here are some examples.

Main theme: Smoking is making the body health worsen
Reason sentences (in this class, the tutor named it as backing) can be:

  • asserting fact: “Based on a survey data conducted in Indonesia in the year of ….”
  • example: “My friend has a habit to smoke 3 pack of cigarettes a day, then he died yesterday in such a young age”
  • causal reXXXXX (I miss this word): “The substances in cigarettes can enter the body fluid moving towards the brain to block some neurosensory receptor there ….”
  • invoking authorities: “Doctor said that …”; “The Ministry of Health issued …”
  • shared belief: “Stated clearly in Holy Quran that we are not allowed to harm our body. Smoke is …”
  • value: “It is not a polite way to smoke in front of pregnant women”

Some of the backings are not suitable to be used in Task 2 IELTS Writing Test because of their leading to generalization. In some correct approach in delivering idea thorough sentences, we can use the first four to support our main theme.

WIKI: child survivors of Auschwitz

The last class is the most dilemmatic class for today. We are challenged to propose our ide based on a story, the fiction. Here is the one.

You and your son are prisoners at a concentration camp. You son tried to escape but was recaptured and sentenced to hang at the gallows. To send a message to all others who may try to escape, the guard orders you to pull the chair out from under your son; if you refuse, the guard will kill your son and another innocent person in the camp. What do you do?

We then made a quite time debating which choice should be chosen. Male parents will pull the chair in order to save another inmate. Absolutely, mothers cannot bear her strong heartwarming feeling about her son, so they prefer to stay in her room not to pull the chair and let the other prisoner be killed. There is no right answer for it since it is called a moral dilemma. How about you?

Don’t enter it into your heart! an example of translating Bahasa into English directly.