Long time no write! Today IELTS writing will describe two-day listening events, last Friday and today.

Our Friday class (5/10) is finished early after spending 270 minutes of IELTS Weekly Test continued with Speaking Class, 180 minutes of harder level (than before) intelligentsia test and 90 minutes of fun speaking session. I found it fun because the speaking class was started by a guess-the-movie-name quiz. Take the Minions, for example, described by a movie of tiny yellow creatures who loves bananas.

I found difficulties in Friday Listening and Writing Test, part of the IELTS Weekly Test. There are three common mistakes found in Listening Test, focus, spelling, and grammar. The first two mistakes hit me today made me realize what did I do in weeks before. Did I do my best? Did I learn English in a good way?

I want to write a poem, suddenly.

A star, with whom I talk
Help me I’m dying,                       helpless
An empty road, in a gloomy appearance of a dead wall, I walk
in the darkness, wandering and clueless

To star, the brightest
whisper me, assure me: I’m the cutest

Buzz! That is my very unmanly poem that reflects my Friday Listening Test score – announced today (8/10): 5.5, a score that surely needs to be improved. On other hands, my reading score is so tireless standing in a number of 7.0 which is enough to tell a story about my (comic) reading hobby.



Starting this morning, the participants of PKBI Dikti* do a listening practice test, a half or practice a half of trial. At first, we listen to test media by headphone and answering the questions. After we exchange our answer sheet, we allowed to repeat the listening cassette, I mean the media, to ensure our organ of hearing work without a trouble. In this trial, I let myself to make a very basic mistake:

a word with -s (plural): door — doors; interest — interests
time format: 7.30 — 7.30 pm
currency: 15 — £15
lenght unit: 75 — 75 cm

To remind you, here is our two 12-hour periods: AM = Ante meridiem: Before noon; PM = Post meridiem: After noon. Together with these mistakes, the scoring judge made an evil grin to me, smirked, and said: you are six! Tobat soon!


PKBI Dikti: Program Peningkatan Kemampuan Bahasa Inggris