IELTS NOTE: conspiracy

Let me try to write an essay to answer the question of Task 2 of the IELTS Writing Test.

Although people said that the moon landing is a conspiracy, some people argue that it is the real event. What can be done to make a good conspiracy?

On 1969, the US astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon’s surface for the first time in the human history. When Buzz Aldrin joined him on the surface, Armstrong took a photograph of him and the surrounding. People then said the US won the space race because of the landing. But, in the next decades, the photograph is being questioned by skeptics because of some irregularities, such as the blowing flag and no star-studded sky. They said that the picture was an example of a successful conspiracy. This essay will discuss the way to make a good conspiracy.

Conspiracy is meant the plan to conceal the true facts or the action of plotting. Not only by a nation or a worldwide organization, but the conspiracy can also be created by a group of people or a person. Making a classmate birthday surprise, for instance, can be planned by a person helped by some people in the class.

The first thing to do is make a good plan consists of things to do and scheduled steps. In the birthday surprise, the planner should be considered what event will be created, how to make the act conducted well, and who will take the part. The planner team should discuss the surprise event based on varied inputs to be formulated as a step by step storyline. The degree of birthday person shock will increase if the participant, and perhaps the teacher, are able to naturally act, such as the act of angry or sad, based on the storyline.

The next is the preparation of a plan B, acting as the result of the plan failed. It should be discussed before the surprise event taken place. Alternatively, if the plan of the birthday surprise is facing a failure in the D-day, the planner should quickly act to adapt to the new situation. A leader who can make the measurement, think possibilities, and decide the new acts will make the adaptation easier.

To sum up, a well-formulated plan is the first step to make a good conspiracy.

2018-10-18 today surprise

Note: Today is a hard day for Bu Erwina and Pak Fachri. We, the classmates, made a good evil plan which is you-know-what. With Pak Bambang and Pak Kris help, we were finished our plan with a good result: a memorable event. The shocking couple and Pak Kris are standing in the centre of the picture.


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    Next time if I get a topic to describe one my most memorable moments, this one will certainly be first in line!

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